USC 2016 Depth Chart and Rankings

The long awaited depth chart for the 2016 season has been released. The starting quarterback has been named for the season opener. That means it’s almost time for some real action to take place. Only two weeks to go!

If you’ve been keeping up with everything, nothing in the depth chart should come as too much of a surprise. If you haven’t, then it’ll be like Christmas for you. Enjoy!

Something of note is how many wide receiver positions have “OR” listed on them. It really show how deep the receiving corp is for this season. Hopefully the days of using walk-on receivers against Notre Dame are long behind us. It’s the kind of OR that should make you happy, unlike a Denny’s menu or QB battle. Sorry, didn’t mean to zing Kiffin twice.

I didn't mean it. We're still cool, right? Please just screw up one more game though.

I didn’t mean it. We’re still cool, right? Please just screw up one more game though.

But seriously, Denny’s…bacon OR sausage? I want both! I usually solve this by ordering two grand slams. Now how do I connect this back to the post to make it look like I know what I’m doing? Ah, yes. I like my stomach like my rosters: full.

With a return to a near full roster, depth at most positions, and no critical injuries to essential personnel it may seem like 2016 is the year for a good run. You can hope and dream that will happen—as I will—but it likely will not be the case. Even though the roster is near full, there is far too much youth on the team. Normally, there would be a better distribution of juniors and seniors across the roster, but the team is too heavily weighted towards underclassmen.

Out of the 30-some upperclassmen, quite a few do not have significant game experience or are specialty positions like long snapper and kicker. That leaves about 20 of the 85 scholarship players as upperclassmen with decent experience. This team may have some substantial growing pains early in the season.

Speaking of early in the season, the Trojans play all the preseason ranked teams at the beginning and end of the season. Schedule order can matter a lot in whether or not a team succeeds or fails during a season.

USC’s bye week precedes a Thursday game against Cal. Prepare your butt for traffic that night. That’s pretty good timing because the team will get an extra 2 days to recover and prepare for Oregon and a long string of ranked teams until the very end. Who knows though—these rankings can and will fluctuate a lot before it’s all over.

Date Team AP Rank Coaches Rank
09/03/16 Alabama 1 1
09/10/16 Utah State UR UR
09/17/16 Stanford 8 7
09/23/16 Utah 28* 28*
10/01/16 Arizona State UR UR
10/08/16 Colorado UR UR
10/15/16 Arizona UR 46*
10/27/16 California UR UR
11/05/16 Oregon 24 22
11/12/16 Washington 14 18
11/19/16 UCLA 16 24
11/26/16 Notre Dame 10 9
N/A USC 20 17
*Not in top 25 but receiving votes

CommBro Breaker

Order has been returned, and power has been restored to the House of M. Sam Darnold’s biggest mistake in the quarterback competition was not changing his name to Mam Darnold or something. I hope you have a name change petition on your clipboard this season, Darnold.

My advice to fans that are fathers: better pick the right name for your kid if you hope for them to be a starting quarterback at USC.

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