Ant-Man: A Review


Runtime: 1 hour 57 minutes
Budget: Estimated to be $130 million


This movie is harder to review while avoiding spoilers, but I’ll do my best. Ant-Man has a tough job since the character is such an obscure hero and has the unfortunate position of following just months after Avengers: Age of Ultron. It really showed in their  approximately $57 million (US only) haul for opening weekend, making it to the lowest since The Incredible Hulk (2008) and by far the lowest in phase two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’m sure people will be quick to chalk this up to audiences being superhero weary or some such crap, but here’s a CommBro Breaker right in the damn middle of the post (because that’s the spirit of a combo breaker):

Ant-Man was the highest grossing movie of the weekend. It was $8 million above the Minions movie and $17 million above Trainwreck. You can spin this whichever way you want with statistics.


I’ll admit it, the beginning was kind of slow. The whole origin story deal had to be set up, so things took a while. Once it was, though, it was definitely worth it. This film was made to feel like a heist movie and employs an interesting narrative strategy with one of the characters. Unlike Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the tone was much lighter and humorous. Kind of like Guardians of the Galaxy. However, that made the corny father-daughter issue moments a little more of an uncomfortable fit…like if you showed up to class while joking with friends and find the teacher crying.

I cring evertim

I cring evertim

Anyway, it’s got a lot of what you expect: cameos, easter eggs, after credit scenes, quips, and action. You know, typical Marvel stuff. They utilize Ant-Man’s powers well for comedy and cool scenes. I would watch it again…but maybe after fast forwarding to the middle.



The Ghost of Trojan (Uniforms) Past

As I’ve referenced in a past post we’ve hit a sad stage in the offseason. But now, not only is football over, even the NBA season is finishing up. The dark days ahead can only be pacified by one thing: wild, wild debate. I’ve already talked about the possibility of a new jersey. Let’s take that a little further.

Gather here, one and all, to take part in this coarse ritual. The theme for this trifling affair is the iconic USC uniform—a source of constant debate.

“Stick with tradition and change nothing. Don’t follow the Oregon fad,” some will say.

Others might drop in with, “We need to change it up. Only wrinkly old people want to keep it the same. Let the kids get what they want.”

The whisperings from the west spoke of helmet changes once before. Hark! The harbringers of darkness—thy Trojan gladiators shall attack donning the garbs of twilight. Foretold were warriors with crowns black as the witching hour, exacting their fury upon the Pacific Dozen.

Thou hast been deceived! The overseer of sport, Patrick Haden taunted us in his prancing pagan dance von Harlem. ‘Twas but a ruse.

Seriously though. Should there be change? And if so, how much? (Sorry to phrase it like a question on an AP test). Remember the whole black sock fiasco? When Lane Kiffin first became head coach at USC, there was some controversy over Ronald Johnson’s black socks. That might’ve been a bit too particular and picky. Maybe if Ronald Johnson had left the locker room wearing Ronald McDonald cleats, it will have gone too far.

Only the stuff of bruin dreams

Only the stuff of bruin dreams

After Pete Carroll changed from stripes back to chevrons in the early 2000s, the uniforms did not budge for a decade. Come 2012, with all the preseason hype, USC saw the introduction of cardinal and gold gloves and cleats.

Chrome helmets followed about two years later, which seemed fairly well-received. I can’t say for sure though, since I didn’t even bother to conduct a straw poll. The good thing is that they weren’t used every game. In a case like that, it would seem everybody wins. The recruits, players and fans get something new; it doesn’t stray too far from what Trojan fans are accustomed to; and the number of jimmies rustled was low.

Back to the debate…since I can’t help but inject my opinion everywhere, I’ll tell you mine. They should be able to tweak a little bit here and there. Maybe trot out one alternate for a single game every few seasons. Nothing too crazy. Some 17-23 year old that will be around for 1-5 years shouldn’t get to drastically alter the tradition of a 126 year old program. That’s not to say they shouldn’t get input.

CommBro Breaker

This used to be a thing. The ’90s were a dark time…