USC in the NFL Draft (and other pointless musings)

The draft is over and the picks are in. For those who are too lazy or just didn’t have time to watch the draft (honestly, other than general managers and head coaches, who does?), here they are:

Leonard Williams (DE/DT)- 1st round, 6th overall to the New York Jets
Nelson Agholor (WR)- 1st round, 20th overall to the Philadelphia Eagles
Josh Shaw (S/CB)- 4th round, 120th overall to the Cincinnati Bengals
Javorius “Buck” Allen (RB)- 4th round, 125th overall to the Baltimore Ravens
Randall Telfer (TE)- 6th round, 198th overall to the Cleveland Browns
Hayes Pullard (LB)- 7th round, 219th overall to the Cleveland Browns

Gerald Bowman (S)- undrafted free agent to the Baltimore Ravens
George Farmer (WR)- undrated free agent to the Dallas Cowboys
J.R. Tavai (DE/OLB)- undrafted free agent to the Tennessee Titans
Aundrey Walker (OG/OT)- undrafted free agent to Miami Dolphins

(Photo credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America)

(Photo credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America)

Unfortunately, that leaves Andre Heidari as the lone scholarship senior without a shot in the NFL. Hopefully, he had other plans. Leonard Williams is the only one out of these juniors and seniors that will be the only Trojan on their team, but he joins an already scary defensive line.

With the addition of these ten players, there are now 52 Trojans in the NFL (including practice squads). However, by the time the 53-man roster cuts come around, there will probably be a lot of movement.

It’s interesting that if you took all of these players and added one more, it would be a complete NFL roster (in terms of numbers). The depth would be absolutely horrid and badly distributed, but you could definitely scrape a team together. It actually works out to 26 on defense and 26 on offense. With zero injuries, this mock team could possibly be competitive:mock defense 05-02-15mock offense 05-02-15

Go ahead and hate on my 10 minute fake depth chart. I haven’t followed some of these players in years, so I have no idea what their abilities are like at the moment. The point was just to get them all on the chart to see if fielding a full 22 was possible. To make them all fit in there, some people had to be moved out of their best position.

CommBro Breaker

Enough daydreaming—or maybe not. We’ve hit that point in the offseason. No more signing day, no more spring practice, free agency, Combine, spring games, Draft—everything is over. Maybe all that’s left is daydreaming. We must survive the drought which is, unfortunately, both literal and metaphorical. At least one of them ends in August…Sorry to crap on your hopes and dreams, dude. You can always come visit this sad place.

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