City History (About)

To dispel all doubts, yes, “Angles” was intentional. It wasn’t just a misspelling that was too expensive to undo. Quite simply, it is a play on the familiar moniker for Los Angeles: “City of Angels.” I thought it was an appropriate pun for a blog that will predominately cover an LA sports team. “City of Angels” is also the title of some Nicholas Cage movie I haven’t watched. Coincidentally, I will also be reviewing some movies on this blog.

I must admit that it was unintentional to have that second meaning. Just serendipity, I guess.

While we’re on the subject of confessions, I am also going to tell you that this blog is extremely biased as I am. You’re probably going to disagree with some (or maybe even most) of what I write. That’s why the contact page is called “complaints.”

I’m just giving you some angles, dawg. And there are going to be a lot. Enough to fill a city, you could say. Please don’t agree with all of them.

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