USC Fall Camp 2016 Report 2 of -1

Monday’s practice at the Coliseum marked the final of the 5pm Fall Camp practices. That also means I won’t be able to attend and report on anymore of these. I’ll try to make the best of our short time together. Just kidding, I’m not going to mince words much this time. You’ll just have to wait until there’s more stuff I can write about.

The team came out in full pads and looked sluggish. During one on one drills, defenders had sloppy tackles. Daniel Imatorbhebhe absolutely embarrased one guy with his jukes and cuts. I’m not sure if he even managed to touch Imatorbhebhe. His burning cuts always look impressive. Hopefully he’ll get more consistent with his catches though.

The defense managed to redeem themselves a bit in 11 on 11 red zone drills. For the most part, they were stopping a fairly stagnant offense. They denied an offense for a substantial period. Eventually, both Max Browne and Sam Darnold were able to get a touchdown apiece. Before they could, though, Quinton Powell was heckling them from the sideline. Funny and all for practice, but I hope it doesn’t bleed into taunting penalties in live games…

…because they got enough penalties on their own. So many flags for false starts and other assorted garbage. It feels a little weird to see that many yellow flags fly during a glorified practice. Basically, the team did not look game-ready. Luckily, it’s practice number five and they have a lot of time to get their crap together. They’re going to need it because—in case you forgot—Alabama is up next. And they’re sure as hell not going to be in Texas to compare US News rankings or GPAs.

CommBro Breaker

Even if they did just show up to compare GPAs, y’all still may lose.

Useless Stat of the Day: University of Alabama’s acceptance rate is 51%. USC’s is 16.5%. They even beat us at that. Wait…Yup, the numbers check out. 51 > 16.5. Trust me, I was a Comm major.

Don't worry, I got you another sweet picture. It's totally not just the previous one reversed.

Don’t worry, I got you another sweet picture to distract you from my mathematics. It’s totally not just the previous one reversed.

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