Captain America – Civil War: A Review

Captain America: Civil War

Runtime: 2 hours 27 minutes
Budget: Estimated to be $250 million

In the latest Marvel film, #TeamAmerica and #WorldPolice duke it out over ideological differences.


Whoops. Wrong hashtags

Yeah, yeah. So it’s really #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan. But you got to admit that those hashtags are fitting.

Anyway, time for your spoiler-free review. I find the movie to be one of the best of the 13 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It took most of those films to build up the friction and tension between the heroes. The ticking time bomb finally exploded in Civil War, giving the audience an absolute spectacle. My gosh, those action scenes were intense and satisfying.

To the uninitiated viewer, it may seem like a lot of bloat and way too many characters to understand.That was simply unavoidable somewhere along the line in the MCU. If you are one that has missed a significant number of films (especially Age of Ultron), you may not get the full experience out of the movie. However, that won’t stop it from being enjoyable.

The movie isn’t just an enjoyable action flick with explosions all day. It throws in subtleties and callbacks to the other movies. There’s definitely some emotion, if you have been following the characters. The interspersed jokes were hilarious, serving to relieve some of the tension. Overall, I would rank the three Captain America movies as follows:

1-tie. Winter Soldier
1-tie. Civil War
3. The First Avenger

CommBro Breaker

I’ve got to add a disclaimer that this was one of my favorite trilogies, so may review could be kind of biased. While I fully admit it, I’m not going to recuse myself from writing a review. Just go watch the damn thing and decide for yourself.

In the spirit of Civil War, I will rank all the current MCU movies in order to bait some arguments:

1-tie. Winter Soldier
1-tie. Civil War
3. Guardians of the Galaxy
4. The First Avenger
5. Iron Man
6. The Avengers
7. Ant-Man
8. Age of Ultron
9. Iron Man 2
10. The Dark World
11. Iron Man 3
12. Thor
13. The Incredible Hulk

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