USC-NFL 2016: The Daft and the Draft

As I was churning out this piece, I realized that it has been just over a year since I made the first post on City of Angles. My first football related post was about the NFL Draft in 2015.

Can you believe it’s already been an entire year?—And  somehow you’re still reading? WOW. Unless you just started reading. Come, pull up a chair. Don’t let me scare you away.

At the close of the seventh round, USC still leads the nation (and world?!) in most NFL draft picks from any single school. The “official” count is at 496, but we all know it’s actually 497 because of Bush (hint: we’re not talking about Jeb).

It’ll easily hit 500 after the 2017 draft. With guys like Zach Banner graduating and Adoree’ and JuJu eligible, There’s no way it won’t happen. After all, USC and Michigan are the only schools to have a player taken in every draft since 1939.

Ohio State had a buttload of draft picks and made significant strides to catch up the record. However, they’re still a long way off at third place (430). Notre Dame is the bigger danger at 493.

Before I get into all this other stuff look at all the results below:

Su’a Cravens Washington Redskins Round 2 Pick 22 53 Overall
Max Tuerk San Diego Chargers Round 3 Pick 31 66 Overall
Cody Kessler Cleveland Browns Round 3 Pick 31 93 Overall
Kevon Seymor Buffalo Bills Round 6 Pick 43 218 Overall
Soma Vainuku Houston Texans Undrafted Free Agent
Claude Pelon New York Jets Undrafted Free Agent
Antwuan Woods Tennessee Titans Undrafted Free Agent
Tre Madden Seattle Seahawks Undrafted Free Agent
Anthony Sarao Indianapolis Colts Undrafted Free Agent
Delvon Simmons Indianapolis Colts Undrafted Free Agent
Greg Townsend Jr. Oakland Raiders Undrafted Free Agent

And in case you’re interested in players that transferred away:

Former USC running back Amir Carlisle (transferred to Notre Dame) signed as an undrafted free agent to the Arizona Cardinals

Former USC quarterback Max Wittek (transferred to Hawaii) signed as an undrafted free agent to the Jacksonville Jaguars

CommBro Breaker

I’m going to preface this argument with this: I’m happy for Cody Kessler. I wish him as long and as successful of an NFL career as he wants. I’m glad he’s about to get a multi-million dollar contract.

Since we’ve gotten that out of the way, time for the honest opinion (angle) of one man. I don’t think he should have gone in the third round. It’s just another opportunity for naysayers of the world to say “oh look, another USC quarterback bust in the NFL.” Maybe they say it because they hate SC. Maybe they say it because they want to look like they know something. Or why not both? No matter what, it seems like a lose-lose-lose…except maybe for the Kessler bank account and agent.

I don’t think the Cleveland Browns are exactly the shining paragons of drafting quarterbacks well. Or of very much, actually. Kessler is unlikely to receive the support he needs to be successful at this program. Perhaps RGIII will fail in the system, then Kessler goes in throwing 6 touchdown passes like old times. You would see a post here saying, “I was wrong.” Until then, stay tuned.

For reference, Kessler was drafted higher than his predecessor, Matt Barkley (Round 4, Pick 1, 98 Overall). I think most would agree that Barkley was better than Kessler. The 2013 draft wasn’t exactly a deep year at quarterback either. The first one off the board was Florida State’s EJ Manuel at pick #16. Then Geno Smith (WVU) and Mike Glennon (NC State).

By the way, since that 2013 draft, the Browns have gone through nine starting quarterbacks. Whoever starts in 2016 will be #10.

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