Rogue One: A review

Rogue One

Runtime: 2 hours 13 minutes
Budget: Estimated to be $ 200 million

The latest addition to the Star Wars movie universe could be considered a sequel to the prequels…or maybe a prequel to the sequels. It’s confusing if you think about it too much. That’s why we shouldn’t think about it and just enjoy it for what it is. You know what else is confusing? The spelling for “Rogue” and “Rouge.” Such a minor error could make a drastically different meaning…kind of like “Angels” and “Angles.” Hmm…

It’s hard to spoil the movie because you know how it ends, but I’ll remain respectful. I want everyone to enjoy the full experience of the story. This iteration is must darker than its predecessors (chronologically…in the real world, as opposed to chronologically in the Star Wars world. You know what I mean). The film told a war story set in the Star Wars universe, so that much was necessary. Overall, it was well done and compelling despite knowing the result of the story.

For the most part, the filmmakers were respectful of the previously made content, including the prequels. They paid homage subtly, made mostly tasteful cameos and mentions.

My main complaint would be the score—specifically one track. It sounded like some low budget movie wanting to rip off the original Star Wars theme, but composed it slightly differently so as not to infringe on copyrights. Yikes. The timing only exacerbated it, taking me out of the movie at one point. Minor and nitpicky, for the most part.

Continuing the nitpick, I could have lived without some of those grandiose speeches as I felt they didn’t add too much. On to the good stuff.

They portrayed the desperation of the rebels well and left a sense of just how difficult life was for the non-force wielding, plot armored bastards that got all the glory.

A corridor full of people that are dead, but just don't know it yet.

A corridor full of people that are dead, but just don’t know it yet.

A lot of scenes were beautifully shot. I might be biased because they went how I would’ve done it…if I had two decades of directing experience and a $200 million budget.

Reshoots and changes left a lot of trailer scenes out of the movie. Regrettable since some of those scenes looked brilliant. Their final product remains strong though. I would rate it higher than Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

CommBro Breaker

Unfortunately, I knew a fair share of people that didn’t realize that this movie took place between Episode III and Episode IV. Given that fact, I can see why they would be baffled by what they saw as a fourth Death Star. Haha…man. I would’ve been quite negative about that if I had been in their position.

The Infamous Escape Pod Plothole

To no one’s surprise, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has awoken much discussion regarding original trilogy and prequels. Of course, putting it all under a microscope brought back some nagging issues.

We’re only going to focus on one such issue from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

You might remember the scene near the beginning. R2-D2 convinces C-3PO to climb into the escape pod with it, setting off a sequence of events spanning all the way through Episode VII.

The Rebellion would’ve been short-lived had the droids not made it onto the surface of Tatooine. As some have aptly pointed out, if the Imperial Empire had just decided to fire on the escape pod, the movie series could’ve ended quite anti-climatically right then and there. I mean, were they trying to save bullets or something? They use lasers, dawg. Just fire the damn thing.This was a plothole for sure! Plot armor to the highest degree. A convenient story-telling gloss over. A nasty trope.

CommBro Breaker

Nay, I tell ya. An answer so simple robs the essence of an entire argument. Those of such an ilk ought not to sully the reputation of their forefathers by mere mention of a notion given with nary a thought. I beseech you to search harder for the truth. Verily, I declare the answer is but one thing:

Paper work.

When some cops have to fill out paperwork just for unholstering their gun, a large organization like the Imperial Empire would necessitate something like that in a report. How else would they keep strict control over a government spanning hundreds of planets across a galaxy?

Nothing can stop the wheels of bureaucracy from turning.

When you, TK-421, and your homie TK-420blazeit want to chill out after work and some…stuff, do you really want to spend an extra second filling out some forms? The officer on deck made the bro move and saved everyone from all that extra crap. Did we see him getting choked out? Nope. Things worked out for them. Good going officer joe shmoe.


Star Wars – The Force Awakens: A Review

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Runtime: 2 hours 15 minutes
Budget: Estimated to be $200 million

After 10 years, one of the biggest movie franchises is back. Star Wars Episode VII features some of your favorite returning characters, but just a wee bit more ‘seasoned’—except for Chewbacca. He only used some Just for Wookies – Touch of Gray, but otherwise just as spry as ever.

Overall, I found it to be an outstanding film. I seem to always harp on pacing, but this film did a fine job in keeping its 2 hour, 15 minute runtime from becoming slow and plodding. While the scope of the film tended to focus very personally on a few characters, they never forgot to remind the audience of the scale of the rest of the galaxy.

The movie felt like a sequel yet avoided the pitfalls of the Star Wars prequels and the Hobbit trilogy. There were little to no unnecessary shoehorned references. The dialogue was definitely a cut above either of the aforementioned trilogies.

However, no film is perfect and this one certainly had its flaws. There were some moments that were straight up ridiculous. Since I won’t go into spoilers, I will just say those moments were forced, badly done, and corny. Surely, that is not what they meant by “use the Force.” There were definitely better ways to get the same point across, which might’ve made the movie 30 seconds longer, but that much better.

CommBro Breaker

J.J. Abrams sinks his teeth into another science fiction classic—perhaps seeking only to further confuse those that already had trouble discerning the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars. “Oh, Abrams made other Star Whatzits movie?” Abrams has gone full meta with Lost.

Something like that.

Something like that.

It’s also funny how he stole some minor characters from Lost and a few main characters, wholesale, from movies like Ex Machina and The Raid: Redemption.