Get Out: A review

Get Out

Runtime: 1 hour 43 minutes
Budget: Estimated to be $4.5 million

Usually, when I hear the words “get out” in that order, it’s because I just made a horrible joke or particularly juicy pun. When you hear the title as a line in the movie, it is neither of these cases, but it does make this is one of those movies where they say the title in their dialogue. I mean, sure, lots of movies like Logan or Suicide Squad do it because those are names, but it’s not cheating when it’s a phrase like this. Like, you wouldn’t hear someone say “No Country for Old Men” anywhere in that movie. “Get Out” might be cheating though since it’s two words. Good thing I’m not the court of movie titles. The craziest thing about all this is that there is a word in the English dictionary to describe this: “eponymous.” Don’t ask me to use it in a sentence.

Jordan Peele decided to break off from his usual comedy and make a horror movie. To my memory, they achieved this while being devoid of jump scares. It’s kind of a creepy mystery that gives you enough clues to put together the story.

As you might expect from Peele’s work, the film weaves witty humor throughout the movie—all without losing the momentum of the plot.

Lots of horror movies start out decently before sputtering out during the finale. Get Out manages to avoid this by producing a satisfying ending sequence. When the credits roll, it really gives you a lot to think about back on when putting all the pieces into context. This was definitely one of the better horror movies I’ve seen.

I watched it a bit later in its theater run and expected a sparsely populated room. To my surprise, I got stuck in the front section due to the packed out theater.

CommBro Breaker

This movie is just TSA propaganda!!

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