John Wick Chapter 2: A review

John Wick: Chapter 2

Runtime: 2 hours 2 minutes
Budget: Estimated to be $40 million

The ultimate love story of all time gets a second installment. It’s the perfect Valentine’s date movie. How far does a man go for love?

They even made this lovely poster to go with it!

They even made this lovely poster to go with it!

Just kidding, take your date unless they enjoy great action and a bloody mess.

The cinematography and choreography was excellent. The much maligned quick cuts and shaky cam are almost entirely absent. And somehow they did it with a mere $40 million budget. Less than that of the fan-favorite Deadpool and only $10 million more than La La Land. A testament to the great camera-work is a scene where they fought in the dark with flashlights and smoke. Instead of the chaos and confusion one would expect, I could still follow what was going on quite clearly.

I’m sure some of you, me included, feared that this might be in the same vein as Taken 4: Taken Again: Please Make It Stop. That was clearly not the case. Many of the action scenes were unique and give viewers much to be excited about. Some notable ones are the grappling scene, the walking scene, and the mirror room scenes.

The crew really invested into small details that bring the movie together. The most obvious most obvious—a carry over from the first film—being a realistic ammo count and reloading. However, the attention to detail goes far beyond that. See how much you notice when you watch. Notice I said when. You should really just stop reading and go right now.

As much as they cared about details, they had the continued restraint to skimp when necessary. Chapter 2 feeds you a bit more of the world by showing instead of telling. While scant, it certainly builds on their mysterious crime organization and leaves you wanting more.

While an action movie at its core, it’s not devoid of deeper ideas. There is a huge overarching them of cascading consequences that I really enjoyed. There’s more, but I prefer you watch it rather than just take my word.

While not as simplistic and small scale as the first John Wick, Chapter 2 delivers on what we’ve come to expect from this franchise. The story remains basic, but the execution is top notch.

CommBro Breaker

The first dog is cuter.

(Right: Deserves Oscar for Best Lead Actor. Left: Deserves merely competitive compensation for a supporting actor)

(Left: Deserved Oscar for Best Lead Actor. Right: Deserved merely competitive compensation for a supporting actor)

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