Zootopia: A Review


Runtime: 1 hours 48 minutes
Budget: Actually Classified?! I am getting tired of this crap.

Disney’s latest film, Zootopia is a thinly veiled social and political commentary on race relations. Other than layering an animal kingdom filter over everything, the film doesn’t really try to hide their agenda pushing. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it led to some cringe worthy moments.

Nothing stuck out to me as overtly wrong in the message, but there were some peripherals that I might not agree with. Some parts weren’t consistent either. As long as they didn’t intend it as an allegory, a lot can be forgivable. The topic of race relations can be extremely nuanced and the movie risked oversimplifying at some points.

All in all, the story was well-crafted and they kept it moving along. The characters were believable and their dialogue was especially competent. They even left some room for subtlety in their banter.

CommBro Breaker

The movie attempted to target kids, but how much of it would they really understand? Sure, some of the jokes and slapstick could intrigue them, but so much of the film is dependent on an understanding of the world. And all the implications of the film like:

Did they all become vegetarians/vegans?

Everything involving interspecies couples…

If there is a canine equivalent of UFC, do the dogs all get arrested for dog fighting?

If Pokemon were to evolve and make contact, would they treat the animals like humans treated them?

Etc. Maybe someone with kids can tell me what they thought.

Also, I think almost all of Shakira’s parts could have been removed and it would’ve taken nothing away from the movie.

Inside Out: A Review


Budget: I hope they paid the editor interns well.

First and foremost, I have to review the short. My gosh. Was the entire thing really based around a bad pun? I mean, I guess I have no right to speak ill of puns, consindering my liberal use of them, but damn. Simple concepts aren’t always bad, but that was definitely a bad kind of simple. Didn’t they learn from Les Misérables or the other Disney work, Frozen, that singing exposition and dialogue is a terrible idea?

The verdict: it was probably the worst Pixar short I’ve ever seen. I don’t say that lightly.

It was all downhill from here...

It was all downhill from here…

Inside Out

Runtime: 1 hour 34 minutes
Budget: Estimated to be $175 million

I’m gonna open by saying that I thought it was just okay. My friend made a joke about how we thought it was better than it actually was because of the contrast against Lava. Enough jokes at the creators’ expense. They probably worked hard on it and crap. I’ll give them credit. Although the concept wasn’t unique, they really ran with the whole idea and brought a different perspective to it. In the end, it was more of a kids’ movie than anything…which is good because that was probably their target audience.

CommBro Breaker

Their best material was playing alongside the credits.